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Terms of Use


Privacy policy:
We do not collect and store personal information and, if we receive personal information, we treat it with strict confidentiality and in compliance with the Data Protection Act of Mauritius.



1. Every website has its limitations and reading these terms will enable you to make informed decisions about how to use the Revised Laws of Mauritius.

2. This website contains the Revised Laws of Mauritius which have been updated up to 30 June 2017. You are reminded that the Revised Laws of Mauritius, as published by LexisNexis (Pte) Ltd., South Africa in September 2016, including any Supplements published thereafter, are the sole authoritative text of the laws of Mauritius. You will be informed of any new updates on this website.

3. The Attorney General's Office cannot guarantee continuous 24/7 access to the laws.

4. Whilst we aim at publishing the Laws of Mauritius that meet professional usage requirements, it is the user's responsibility to check its authoritative value. We, including the Government of Mauritius and our /its employees shall in no way be responsible for any prejudice caused directly or indirectly by the use of the laws published on this website.

Copyright 2011 – Government of Mauritius:
As a user of the website, you may make copies and print out portions of the laws in compliance with the Copyright Act of Mauritius. You should not publish, disseminate or incorporate, in written or electronic form, the legislations for commercial use without the prior approval of the Solicitor General. Any communication must be addressed to: or the Solicitor General, Attorney General’s Office, 5th floor, R. Seeneevassen Building, Jules Koenig Street, Port Louis. Mauritius.
You do not need permission to ​link to our website, but you must be cautious about what precisely you choose to link to and how you present the links. A direct link to the first page of the website of the Attorney General’s Office or the first page of the ‘Laws of Mauritius’ webpage is permissible without prior approval (unless the provision of such links is for a commercial purpose, in which case you need the prior approval of the Solicitor General). If you create a direct link to any particular document, you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms of use relating to the Laws of Mauritius, notwithstanding anything to the contrary under any enactment.
You should not use in-line links or frame any part of the website in any way which may suggest that you are its author or that your website has official support of the Attorney General’s Office or the Government of Mauritius. Doing so without permission may be in breach of the Copyright Act or other laws of Mauritius.
We reserve the right to block, at our sole discretion and without prior notice, any user from accessing this website if the user misuses the website or uses it for unlawful purposes.

Applicable Law:
Use of this site is governed by the law of Mauritius and any legal action against the Attorney General’s Office, the Government of Mauritius or any other person with regard to the use of the website shall be brought solely and exclusive before the courts of Mauritius.