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The Solicitor General

The Solicitor General


The present Solicitor-General of the Republic of Mauritius is Mr RAMLOLL Rajeshsharma, ​S.C. He acceded to this post in 2021 after joining the office as State Counsel in 1995. The Solicitor-General is a non-political public officer appointed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission.

Role of the Solicitor-General

The Solicitor-General is the administrative head of the Attorney General's office and he is after the Principal Legal Advisor to Government, namely, the Attorney General, the next most senior legal adviser to the Attorney General.
In the absence or inability to act of the Attorney-General, or by the direction of the Attorney General, the Solicitor-General may discharge any functions authorised or required by any enactment to be discharged by the Attorney General in relation to any civil proceedings.
Whereas, the Director of Public Prosecutions is constitutionally responsible for all criminal matters, the Solicitor-General handles all civil matters. In addition, he tenders advice to government departments and ministries in an independent and impartial manner.
The Solicitor-General oversees the work carried out by the other Law Officers. He also defends the interests of the State in the superior courts including the Privy Council.
Legislative drafting constitutes a vital component of the work of the Attorney General's office. The Solicitor-General also works in close collaboration with the Parliamentary Counsel and other law officers in the drafting of legislations.​