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AML CFT Documents

AML CFT Documents
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As per the First Schedule of Part 1 of The Financial Intelligence Anti Money Laundering Act 2002, the Attorney General's Office is the Regulator/Supervisor of Law Firm, Foreign Law Firm, Joint Law Venture and Foreign Lawyers as defined in the Law Practitioners Act for AML/CFT purposes.

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AML/CFT Guidelines for Legal Professionals
Guidance for Small Law Firms on Managing ML/TF Risks​​​
​​Guidance on the Risk-Based Approach to the anti-money laundering and terrorism financing framework for law firms, foreign law firms, joint law ventures and foreign lawyers​​​

Tip of th​e Month​​​​

Findings on On-site Inspections​​​
Explanatory Note on the implementation of United Nations Sanctions Measures
Template for Reporting on Positive Match under section 25(2) of the United Sanctions Act 2019​
​​Template for Notification to the NSSec under section 23(4) of the UN Sanctions Act 2019
Guidelines on Implementation of Targeted FinancialSanctions (TFS)
The Virtual Asset and Initial Token Offering Services Act 2021 (VAITOS)

​​Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act​

Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations 79-2003

United Nations (Financial Prohibitions Arms Embargo and Travel Ban) Sanctions Act​

National Strategy 2019-2022

Statistical Questionnaire Legal Professionals
Fact Sheets on AML CFT​
I​mplementation of Targeted Sanctions​mplementation of Targeted Sanctions
National Sanctions Secretariat Notice
Summary of UN Regimes

​National Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment of Mauritius

Mauritius First Follow up report

Mauritius Second Follow up report

Second Round MER of Mauritius - July 2018​