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AML / CFT Training

AML / CFT Training


(11) Training on Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) held on 19th August 2020​​

Targeted Audience: AGO, BoM, MIPA and GRA.​

Resource Person:

​Mr Alexande Taymans, Global Facility Expert

Presentation of the state of play of the UBO disclosure framework within the BoM (e.g. Legal, organizational, educational/outreach)

Building a UBO disclosure framework from the FATF standards to a comprehensive information system

Global Facility:

  • > What are the UBO disclosure requirements (e.g. FATF and EU);
  • > The three FATF approaches and the objectives of a UBO central register;
  • > What is a UBO and how to identify and register it;
  • > The implementation of the UBO central register;
  • > The UBO information and the risk-based approach;
  • > Building monitoring, supervisory, and sanctioning mechanisms;
  • > Outreach activities, partnerships, and cooperation mechanisms;
  • > Role of the BoM, AGO, MIPA and GRA in the UBO disclosure framework.

  • Discussion and Mapping of solutions/follow-up actions:

  • > Outreach and educational tools;
  • > Risk Based Approach supervision;
  • > General legal, policy and technical aspects linked to the UBO disclosure;
  • > Follow-up actions.​


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