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Attorney General's Office

(No. A/221) Mr R. Uteem (Second Member for Port Louis South & Port Louis Central) asked the Attorney General whether, in regard to the consultants whose services have been retained for the drafting of pieces of legislation by Government, since 2005 to date, he will state, in each case, the names thereof, indicating the –
(a) amount of fees paid out thereto;
(b) piece of legislation concerned, and
(c) criteria used for the selection thereof.
Reply: The information is being compiled and will be placed in the Library.
(No. A/222) Mr A. Gungah (First Member for Grand’ Baie & Poudre d’Or) asked the Attorney General whether, in regard to the State Law Office, he will, for the benefit of the House, obtain from the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, information as to the vacancies that presently exist on the establishment thereof, indicating in each case, when same will be filled.
Reply: The number of vacancies at the Attorney General’s Office is as per Appendix .
In June 2012, 7 State Counsels were recruited at the AGO and 9 at the Office of the DPP.  It is to be noted that due to lack of physical space no further recruitment is envisaged at the Attorney General’s Office for the immediate future, until the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions moves to its new quarters at the Garden Towers which is expected some time at the end of August 2012.
As regards newly created posts of Assistant Solicitor-General and Assistant Parliamentary Counsel (2 + 2) and potentially some posts in the lower cadre, consideration is being given, in view of continuing and drastic loss of trained professional staff (24 officers since 2008) to other departments of Government and other sectors, hence causing disruption in the functioning of the Office, in particular to the Legislative Drafting Unit, to converting these posts into a new grade in the Attorney General’s Office with a view to ensuring greater degree of continuity in the effective delivery of legislative and related legal services in the specialised units of the Office.
As regards vacancies in previously created posts of Assistant Solicitor General and Assistant Parliamentary Counsel which have recently arisen, recommendations will shortly be made to the JLSC for the posts to be filled.