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Attorney General's Office


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a member of the Public contact the AGO for legal advice?
No. The Officers of the AGO represent the Attorney General's/Solicitor General's Office or the Director of Public Prosecutions, whose function is to advise the government and/or prosecute in criminal matters. And also such parastatal bodies as and when required.
2. If I, as a member of public, apply for legal aid, will a state law officer represent me?
No. A law practitioner in private practice will be designated by the relevant court.
3. What is the difference between a criminal case and a civil case?
A criminal case concerns the prosecution of an individual by the state for a criminal offence, for example, cases of murder, rape, larceny, drug trafficking , etc..
A civil case concerns matters of private law between two or more parties involved, for example, Breach of contracts, Landlord and tenants, Faute, Divorce, etc...
4. What are the civil cases in which Attorney General's office appears?
In those cases where the government is a party or has an interest to safeguard. For example, where there is a claim against the government for Breach of contract, Medical negligence, Application for judicial review etc...