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Attorney General's Office
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Mission and Vision

The Attorney General's Office provides legal and legislative drafting services to the Government. The Attorney General's Office is the only institution that interacts with the three constitutional powers namely the Legislature (National Assembly), the Judiciary (Courts) and the Executive (Government/Ministries). The Office also provides assistance to the Courts in its capacity as Ministère Public in addition to a number of other statutory powers vested upon it.
To provide, without fear or favour, hatred or ill-will, to the Government sound and independent legal advice, and representation as well as to contribute in the development of a fair and just legal system and the promotion of the rule of law, in the interest of the State and the people.
To develop the Attorney General's Office into a Centre of Excellence for Legal and Legislative Drafting Services 
The Rule of Law and Public Interest
A Fair and Just Legal System
Integrity and Impartiality
Quality and Professionalism
Independence and Competence
Solidarity, Teamwork and Co-operation